• How do I arrange a Home Visit?

    To arrange a visit is simple.
    Simply call 1800 BEST GP and our receptionist will guide you.
    You can also book online.
    Appointments can be made on the day (subject to availability) or in advance.
    Immunisations and Pap Smears require an advanced booking.

  • How long will I have to wait?

    An appointment time will be made when you call so you have a rough idea when the doctor will arrive. Unfortunately, the visit before you may take longer than expected. If the doctor is more than 30 minutes late please call the service for an update. We will try to advise you should this be the case but sometimes the doctor can not advise us if there is a problem they are dealing with.

  • What about my regular GP?

    Our service is a different GP healthcare model so can be misunderstood. However, we are the same as any other GP practice, just run differently with the aim to provide a healthcare better suited to your needs with your needs at our centre. We are your regular GP providing comprehensive, whole person care with continuity and diagnostic and therapeutic skills. We are your regular GP. The service is run as your normal GP clinic would and we take on patients as our regulars. This service is available to everyone.

  • Can I phone the doctor?

    During opening hours our doctors can be contacted by phoning the practice on 0478957890.
    The receptionist will take a message and with your consent any information or reason for your call (this will help triage your call). The receptionist will pass the message onto the Doctor and you will then be contacted by the receptionist with a plan or by Doctor by the close of business, unless it is urgent.
    Also see our practice information sheet on the Policies Page

  • Can I contact you by email?

    You can contact the practice via email: [email protected]. These emails are picked up by the admin staff but please note emails can take up to 48 hours to get a reply, so do not use this method to communicate an emergency or urgent matter – instead always call the practice. Please be aware due to our privacy policy not all issues can be discussed via email, and we may have to contact you via phone.
    (Also see our practice information sheet on the Policies Page)

  • How often can I use the service?

    There are no limits to how often you can use the service.

  • Are the doctors qualified?

    The doctor you see will be as qualified as any doctor you see at a GP clinic. All doctors are registered as required by the Medical Board of Australia, have AHPRA registration and have full Insurance.

  • Is the practice accredited?

    Yes, Heroes Home Doctor is extremely proud to be accredited by QPA and maintain the RACGP standards for general practice.

  • When can I request a visit?

    Appointments are currently available 
    Monday 9am – 5pm
    Tuesday 9am – 5pm
    (GP consulting until 7pm)
    Wednesday 9am – 5pm
    Thursday 9am – 5pm
    Friday 9am – 5pm
    (GP consulting until 7pm)
    If the service is closed you can book online.

  • How can I contact a Doctor when you are shut?

    If you need to see one of our Doctors after hours (when the service is shut) please call 1800 BEST GP for details of how to contact our Doctor on Duty. All after-hours call outs and telephone advice will incur an out of pocket cost of a minimum of $400 – even if an annual fee has been paid. Additional charges may be incurred for clinic visits, dressings, procedures, medications or nurse visits but will be discussed before charging.

  • I’m deaf, how will I be able to understand the doctor?

    Patients with hearing difficulties contact us through the National Relay Service.
    For consultationswe can book an interpreter for any patient who uses Sign Language to communicate through the National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service.
    This is a FREE service to us and our patients. 

  • English isn’t my first language, what if I have trouble understanding the doctor?

    Our friendly receptionists can help you organize the use of the Translating & Interpreting Service National by phoning 131 450 – https://www.tisnational.gov.au/ 
    NB: The Free Interpreting Service does not extend to people who do not hold a Medicare card.

  • What if I require medications?

    The GP who visits you, will be able to prescribe medications that you require as a GP clinic would. The GP may carry a limited supply of urgent medications should you require urgent treatment at home.
    If the pharmacy is shut the Doctor may be able to give you a starter kit of medications to get through the evening.

    Please note: The service does NOT carry or supply drugs of addiction. Heroes Home Doctor offers a repeat prescription service for current Heroes Home Doctor patients. To access the service and read the terms and conditions click HERE and follow the prompts.

  • Who can use the service, and what areas are covered?

    Anyone, as long as the home visit will take place in the area we cover. The area covered is currently Jan Juc to Torquay and up to Belmont. (Includes: Torquay, Jan Juc, Bellbrae, Mount Duneed, Armstrong Creek, Freshwater Creek, Charlemont, Grovedale, Marshall, Belmont, Highton, Waurn Ponds) If you are unsure please email or call us. If you live outside of these areas you can request a visit at our affiliated clinic in Torquay.

  • How can I access my results?

    If your GP has requested you to have some tests done such as imaging or blood tests, the the doctor will advise at the time of referring you for the test what to expect once you have completed the test. They will recommend you book an appointment once you have had the test done or that you will only hear from the practice if there is something that needs to be discussed and when to expect to hear from us. If they don’t request an appointment, but you would still like to discuss your results you are welcome to book one.

    It often takes up to 72 hours or more for the practice to receive your results.

    If the doctor views your results and decides a non urgent appointment is required, you will get a secure sms powered by Hot Doc. The appointment does not necessarily mean your results are abnormal, the appointment is the next step of management required to help your initial or ongoing concern. Most investigations will need a follow up appointment as the results are part of the process to determine the cause of your symptoms. If the result is urgent the receptionist will call you to arrange an urgent appointment or the doctor will call you. ⠀
    If an appointment has been requested in your SMS you can then book one via the link in the text.This system is very safe and secure. To read the text fully you have to put in identifiers so others cannot see your text and know what has been occurring. Please make sure you have consented to SMS health messages to enable you to receive these texts. 

  • How do you manage my health information?

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy on the policy page of the website Policies Page

  • What if my condition changes?

    If you are concerned about your health or your condition changes, please recall the service on 1800 BEST GP. Please note the service is not an emergency service and if you require such attention please call 000 or attend your local emergency department.

  • How can I give feedback or make a complaint?

    See our practice information sheet on the policies page Policies Page
    If you have any suggestions, positive feedback or are unhappy with our service please let the Doctor or reception staff know.
    Complaints can be made in writing addressed to the Practice Manager via email [email protected] 
    Alternatively, you may prefer to contact Health Care Complaints Commission Victoria: Call: 1300 582 113
    Fax: 03 9032 3111
    Email: [email protected] 
    Write: Health Services Commissioner, Level 26, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000.

  • What are the costs?

    The following fee structure is available to all Medicare card holders. (Non-Medicare card holders, please refer to the section: Fees – Non-Medicare Card holders). 

    Fee: $50 for every visit to house, clinic or other location If multiple patients are seen at a visit, one patient pays the $50 fee and all other patients will be bulk billed.

    If an extended appointment time is needed, a fee of $70 will be charged. If a double appointment is needed for two patients, both patients will need to pay $50.

    Pensioner/Concession Card Holders

    Pensioner / concession cards need to be provided upon booking for Medicare claims. 
    Fee: $35 for every visit to house, clinic or other location. 

    If an extended appointment time is needed, a fee of $55 will be charged for concession/pension card holders. If a double appointment is needed for two patients, both patients will need to pay $35 if both have concession/pension cards.

    If the visit is for more than one patient and one patient is a concession/pension card holder and the second patient isn’t, the full fee price will need to be paid.


    The following fee structure is available to all Medicare card holders.
    (Non-Medicare card holders, please refer to the section: Fees – Non-Medicare Card holders).

    10 Minute Consult $15, Concession Card and Pension Card will be bulk billed.
    20 Minute Consult $30, Concession Card and Pension Card will be $25.
    30 Minute Consult $80, Concession Card and Pension Card will be $65.

    If the Telehealth consult is for more than one patient and one patient is a concession/pension card holder and the second patient isn’t, the full fee price will need to be paid

    Due to the Medicare guidelines for Telehealth, some patients will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate.If this is the case, the patient will need to pay an out of pocket fee (no rebate) of $55 for a 10 minute Telehealth Consult. 

    Fees – Non-Medicare Card holders

    Non-Medicare card holders will be required to pay a one-off consult fee for each visit. Upon booking a Non-Medicare card holder will be advised that a staff member will call them back with a cost before the appointment. Final costs will be assessed on the nature of the consult and therefore a reason for visit will need to be provided to the receptionist.
    Non-Medicare card holder fees start from $180. Payments are to be made at the time of booking when booking via phone. If booking online, payment is required three hours prior to secure the appointment.
    Once you have made your payment your visit will be billed to Medicare via the 90 cheque scheme. This means you will receive a cheque in the post from Medicare in your visiting Doctors name. Heroes Home Doctor will send you a prepaid envelope after your consult. Once you receive the Medicare Cheque, please place the cheque in the prepaid envelope and forward to us as soon as possible. In some instances Medicare may reject the claim. In these instances you may be liable to pay the outstanding amount instead. However we wish to work with you to avoid this.
    So if you DO NOT receive the cheque within 3 months, please email our Practice Manager at [email protected] to give us your permission to contact Medicare on your behalf to chase & prevent you having to pay the outstanding amount. If we do not receive your cheque in the post we will also be in contact with you after 3 months to make it easier and help you chase it.

  • What are the fees Terms and Conditions?

    You can view our practice’s terms and conditions here: Heroes Home Doctor Fees Terms and Conditions 

  • What if I do not have a credit card?

    If you do not have a credit card we can take payment via cash or EFT at our affiliated clinic in Torquay, please notify reception if you wish to pay via cash or EFT.

  • What if I do not have a Medicare card?

    If you do not have a Medicare card you can still use the service but there will be a cost of $180 expected to be paid via credit card before the visit.

  • What if I have paid and then wish to cancel my appointment?

    A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to attend or cancellation at short notice. This will be assessed on a case by case basis. Cancellation Fees start at $60 per patient. 


    Fees may be refunded at the Practice Manager’s discretion if an appointment is cancelled with more than 12 hours’ notice. Appointments cancelled within 12 hours of the scheduled appointment, including no shows, no refund will be considered. 

    These Terms are if one visit was booked and the visit was a standard 20-minute consultation. If more than one visit was booked or the visit time was longer than the standard 20 minutes, the refunded amount may be less or not possible. In these circumstances, the Practice Manger will use their discretion in regard to the refund or non-refund.

  • I have a newborn not on my Medicare card

    If you have a newborn not yet on a Medicare card the visit MAY cost you $10 extra or you may have to pay a private fee and then claim back the money from Medicare once you have the Medicare card. Please discuss this with the receptionist when you make your appointment.

  • What if I do not feel comfortable with the Doctor seeing me at my house?

    If you would prefer not to see the Doctor at your house a visit can be arranged at our clinic in Torquay. Just discuss this with the receptionist when you call.

  • What does the gap fee not include?

    No matter what fee has been paid, additional fees may incur at the visit. These additional fees may be charged for the following, but not limited to:

    • Wound dressings
    • Sutures
    • Nurse Visits
    • Repeat Prescriptions and Referrals via our Repeats Service
    • Consultations and Procedures completed at Ministry of Skin by Heroes Home Doctor GPs or nurses
    • Cosmetic or Mole Mapping Services at Ministry of Skin by Heroes Home Doctor GP or nurses
    • Any services provided by Ministry of Skin staff

    Additional Fees are implicated for the fitting of Mirenas and Iron Infusions at the clinic.

    • Mirena fittings Cost $250 with a rebate of approximately $126.35
    • Iron Infusions have a gap of approx. $120
  • Cancellation Policy

    We understand that sometimes things happen and plans change.

    If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, please call us to cancel or change your appointment time asap. Alternatively, if you have booked online you can cancel via the Hot Doc app or via a link in your appointment reminder.

    We ask that you provide 24 hour’s notice for an appointment cancellation.

    A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to attend or cancellation at short notice (three hours of less).

    Cancellation Fees start at $50 per patient for home visits. (Please note: this fee is not Medicare rebateable).

  • I have reached the Medicare Safety Net, do I still need to pay the gap fee?

    Yes, once you have reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold you still need to pay the gap fee and you will still receive a cheque from Medicare that needs to be forwarded to the practice. However, once you have reached the threshold Medicare will refund part of the gap fee directly to your account. For more information regarding the Medicare Safety Net and threshold amounts, please contact Medicare.