Effective 1st November 2018

Who these terms and conditions relate to

The terms and conditions apply to all patients who book a consult with Heroes Home Doctor.
All consults with Heroes Home Doctor will incur a fee.
Patients who have paid an annual fee that has not yet expired, are exempt from paying.


The following fee structure is available to all Medicare card holders.
(Non-Medicare card holders, please refer to the section: Fees – Non-Medicare Card holders).
Fee: $60 for every visit to house, clinic, other location or Telehealth* ($40 in June and July 2020)

If multiple patients are seen at a visit, one patient pays the $60 fee ($40 in June and July 2020) and all other patients will be bulk billed. If an extended appointment time is needed, e.g. double appointment for two patients, both patients will need to pay $60 ($40 in June and July 2020).

Pensioner/Concession Card Holders

Pensioner / concession cards need to be provided upon booking for Medicare claims.
Fee: $40 for every visit to house, clinic or other location.


*Some clients may be eligible for their Telehealth consult to be bulk billed. This will be determined by the receptionist at the time of booking. Patient’s who are not eligible will be required to pay $60 gap fee ($40 in June and July 2020)

Fees – Non-Medicare Card holders

Non-Medicare card holders will be required to pay a one-off consult fee for each visit.

Upon booking a Non-Medicare card holder will be advised that a staff member will call them back with a cost before the appointment. Final costs will be assessed on the nature of the consult and therefore a reason for visit will need to be provided to the receptionist.
Non-Medicare card holder fees start from $180.

After Hours Fees

All after-hours call outs and telephone advice will incur an out of pocket cost of a minimum of $400.
Additional charges may be incurred for clinic visits, dressings, procedures, medications or nurse visits but will be discussed before charging.

Cancellations Fees

A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to attend or cancellation at short notice. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.
Cancellation Fees start at $60 per patient.

Repeat Prescription and Referral Fees

Repeat Prescription and Referrals service is available to current patients of Heroes Home Doctor. Full terms and conditions can be found by clicking the below links and following the prompts.

Repeat Prescription Fees

  • Fax directly to pharmacy: $22

Repeat Referral Fees

  • Fax directly to Specialist: $22
  • Urgent Fax directly to Specialist: $40

Other Fees

No matter what fee has been paid, additional fees may incur at the visit. These additional fees may be charged for the following, but not limited to:

  • Wound dressings
  • Sutures
  • Nurse Visits
  • Consultations and Procedures completed at Ministry of Skin by Heroes Home Doctor GPs or nurses
  • Cosmetic or Mole Mapping Services at Ministry of Skin by Heroes Home Doctor GP or nurses
  • Any services provided by Ministry of Skin staff

Additional Fees are implicated for the fitting of Mirenas and Iron Infusions at the clinic.

  • Mirena fittings Cost $250 with a rebate of approximately $126.35
  • Iron Infusions have a gap of approx. $80 – 100

Accessing Medical Records fees

Please refer to our Medical Record Access Policy and Request Form

Payment Terms

All amounts payable to Heroes Home Doctor must be made:

  • using the payment methods listed below
  • in the currency stated.

All appointments MUST be paid up front, before the GP attends the consult.

An appointment will not be scheduled over the phone, unless payment has been made at the time of booking. If payment cannot be made at the time of booking an appointment, the appointment will not be held.

Appointments booked online will be cancelled if payment has not been made three hours prior to the appointment time. Heroes Home Doctor reception will call to confirm your appointment and take payment prior to the three hour cut off time. Only one voicemail will be left if the first call was not answered by the patient.

No payment is to be made at an appointment by the GP.

Extra costs incurred during a consult will be taken via phone call after the consultation. Failure to return a call and / or to make payment within 7 days will result in a letter being mailed out requesting payment. If payment is not received within 30 days of consultation a debt collection agency will be enlisted.

Payment Methods

All fees are paid in Australian dollars ($AUD).
Heroes Home Doctor accepts credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard only).
If the patient does not have a credit card, a request can be submitted to the Practice Manager to organise a direct debit payment. If the request is accepted, proof of transfer must be provided before the appointment is confirmed (proof can be a screen shot of the payment sent via email addressed to the Practice Manager).
Cash payments may be made at Ministry of Skin, but this must be organised with our receptionist first.


All Heroes Home Doctor fees (except Non-Medicare card holder fees and cancelation fees) are gap fees for Medicare claims.

In order to submit claim to Medicare, Heroes Home Doctor uses the Medicare 90 Day Cheque Scheme. After a consultation, Heroes Home Doctor will submit a claim to Medicare. Once Medicare has processed the claim, a cheque will be mailed out to the patient, with the cheque addressed to a Heroes Home Doctor GP. 

Heroes Home Doctor will send you a prepaid envelope after your consult. Once you receive the Medicare Cheque, please place the cheque in the prepaid envelope and forward to us as soon as possible.

In some instances Medicare may reject the claim. In these instances you may be liable to pay the outstanding amount instead. However we wish to work with you to avoid this. So if you DO NOT receive the cheque within 3 months, please email our Practice Manager at [email protected] to give us your permission to contact Medicare on your behalf to chase & prevent you having to pay the outstanding amount. If we do not receive your cheque in the post we will also be in contact with you after 3 months to make it easier and help you chase it.

Children under the age of 17

No matter which fee is paid Heroes Home Doctor must be provided with the Medicare details of at least one parent. This is because gap payments cannot be processed to a child, it must be processed to a parent.


Fees may be refunded at the Practice Manager’s discretion if an appointment is cancelled with more than 12 hours’ notice.

Appointments cancelled within 12 hours of the scheduled appointment, including no shows, no refund will be considered.

These Terms are if one visit was booked and the visit was a standard 20-minute consultation. If more than one visit was booked or the visit time was longer than the standard 20 minutes, the refunded amount may be less or not possible. In these circumstances, the Practice Manger will use their discretion in regard to the refund or non-refund.


Whilst Heroes Home Doctor makes every attempt to ensure that all information pertaining to fees and prices is correct at the time of publication it accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Heroes Home Doctor may revise these terms and conditions from time-to-time. Revised terms and conditions will apply from the date of the publication of the revised terms and conditions on the Heroes Home Doctor website. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version.