Heroes Home Doctor is Now Permanently Closed

If you have an urgent medical concern, please call 000 immediately. 

From the 20th of January 2023 Heroes Home Doctor has unfortunately permanently closed due to lack of Doctors. We are deeply sorry this has had to happen and thank you for your support.

Although closed, the business will have a staff member monitoring emails once per week until 1st February 2024, after which the practice will no longer be accessible.

Your medical records will be held safely and securely at 160 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay until 1st February 2024. Your records will be also be held safely and securely by Torquay Medical Health and Wellness (TMHW) at the Torquay Medical Hub at 1/3 Cylinders Drive Torquay. TMHW is happy to take on continuity of your care and see you as a patient via in-clinic GP consultations, they are not in a position to provide home visits. Only with your consent will TMHW access your medical records for any reason.

You can transfer your records to another practice at no cost until 1st February 2024. To request this please send a signed transfer of medical records request form, from your new practice to [email protected]. This process may take up to 28 days.

In regards to incoming correspondence, Heroes Home Doctor will continue to monitor these until 1st February 2024. If any reports come through that require actioning Heroes Home Doctor will contact you. You will not be contacted for normal results.

The practice will no longer be sending out health care or screening reminders. We recommend you recall when your last screening date was and set a reminder for your next test. The tests we recommend you are particularly aware of are: cervical screening, bowel screening, and breast screening. To find out more information head to https://www.health.gov.au/topics/cancer/screening-for-cancer

Other recalls you may need to recall could be for repeating tests, care plans, immunisations, chronic medical condition reviews and contraception device changes. If you are unsure when you are next due, you can discuss this with your new GP or you can email us at [email protected]

If you are seeing a specialist, attending ED or having any investigations in the future (e.g. imaging or blood tests) we ask that you update which GP practice correspondence is sent to.

If you attend another practice and they wish to see previous results or reports that practice can access these by contacting the provider (e.g. imaging or pathlogy) or specialist you went to and request copies on your behalf. Please note this will be faster than a medical record transfer. 

Should you have any questions please email [email protected]

Our email [email protected] will be active until 1st February 2024

Warm regards,

The Heroes Home Doctor Team