1. Book online or call 1800 BEST GP

    Call 1800 BEST GP


    Do NOT text or use Facebook

  2. Our receptionist records your details

    If you call, your details will be taken by one of our receptionists along with a description of your medical concern and payment for the visit (see below). A description of your medical concern will be asked to ensure the Doctor has everything they need to help. If you feel uncomfortable doing this you do not need to give a reason but there may be a risk the Doctor cannot help you 100% at the time of the consult. 

    Please note medical advice cannot be given over the phone, you will need to wait for the doctor to visit.

  3. Your appointment is scheduled

    You will be given an appointment time for your Home Visit or Telehealth consult.

    We ask that you please allow 20 to 30 minutes either side of your appointment time for the doctor to arrive or call.

    Please be aware we may need to change your appointment time, but we will give you as much notice as possible.

  4. You call us if your condition changes

    Please contact us or call 000 if your medical condition or health status changes or if you need to cancel* the appointment whilst waiting for the doctor.

  5. Patient forms are completed

    Complete a New Patient Registration Form.

    Or if it’s been 12 months since you last completed a patient details form, complete a Current Patient Update Details Form

  6. Time for your appointment

    During your appointment:

    If you require a prescription we will send the prescription to you via eScript.

    If you require a specialist referral, these will be sent directly to the specialist on your behalf. If it is a private specialist, please call them to schedule your appointment.

  7. What if I have a Telehealth

    If you require a Telehealth appointment, steps 1-6 will occur as above. The Doctor will either phone you or see you via a video link. If the doctor decides a face to face consult is required and safe to do so after the Telehealth Consult, the doctor will organise this with you during your appointment.

*Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend for a scheduled appointment, please contact us to cancel or change your appointment time asap. We expect 24 hours notice for cancellations. 


Home Visit

Standard Home Visits (to to 20 mins):

$55 gap per visit.

Concession Card or Pension Card Holders:

$40 gap per visit.

Subsequent patients from the same household will be bulk billed according to exemptions mentioned below.

Extended Home Visits (>20 mins):

$85 gap per visit.

If 2 patients in the same household both require an extended appointment, both patients will need to pay $55.

Concession Card or Pension Card Holders:

$75 gap per visit


If more than one person is seen at any visit the visit gap fee will be that of the highest paying patient according to concession / pension entitlement and longest consultation length eg: If we see one concession holder and one non concession card holder for a standard visit the fee will be $55

Don’t have a Medicare card? Don’t stress, we will see you, it will be $185 with no rebate.


The following fee structure is available to all Medicare card holders.
(Non-Medicare card holders, please refer to the section: Fees – Non-Medicare Card holders).

The following fees are Gap fees:

10 Minute Consult $20, Concession Card and Pension Card will be $10.
20 Minute Consult $65, Concession Card and Pension Card will be $55.

Evening or Weekend Telehealth scheduled appointments:

$70 Private or Gap fee.

Due to the Medicare guidelines for Telehealth, some patients will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate. If this is the case, the patient will need to pay an out of pocket fee (no rebate) of $60 for a 10 minute Telehealth Consult. 

If more than one person is seen via Telehealth the gap fee will be the cost of the highest paying patient according to their concession / pension status and consult length e.g.: If we see one concession holder for 20mins and one non concession card holder for 20mins the fee will be $65.

Our full fee terms and conditions can be found here.

After Hours Fees

All after-hours call outs and telephone advice will incur an out of pocket cost of a minimum of $400.

Additional charges may be incurred for clinic visits, dressings, procedures, medications or nurse visits but will be discussed before charging.

Repeat Prescription and Referral Fees

Repeat Prescription and Referrals service is available to current patients of Heroes Home Doctor. Full terms and conditions can be found by clicking the below links and following the prompts.

Repeat Prescription Fees
eScript via SMS or Email: $22
Fax directly to pharmacy: $22

Repeat Referral Fees:
Fax directly to Specialist: $22
Urgent Fax directly to Specialist: $40

Terms & Conditions

The full Terms and Conditions for our Fees can be found here: Heroes Home Doctor Fees Terms and Conditions