In-Home Minor Surgeries – Everything You Should Know

Do you need a minor procedure but can’t get to a medical clinic? Would you prefer to stay home and have a highly skilled and experienced GP treat you? Heroes Home Doctor is available to carry out minor surgical procedures at your home. Read on to find out what in-home minor surgery services we offer.

What is In-Home Surgery?

If you need minor surgery but don’t need to visit a hospital, our in-home surgery services may be just what you need. When you have in-home surgery, it’s not only convenient but can be less stressful and more comfortable.

Every day our team of GPs perform minor surgical procedures using local anesthetic and sterile equipment in patients’ homes. All our doctors have been trained in Australian hospitals and will take you through every step of your in-home surgery. They’ll also explain the care requirements and whether you need any follow-up appointments at your home.

They can help you with procedures including but not limited to:

  • Ear wax syringing
  • Ingrown toenail treatment
  • Removal of cysts, skin tags and unwanted lesions
  • Removing foreign bodies
  • Repairing minor cuts and lacerations
  • Skin biopsies
  • Skin cancer excisions
  • Suturing
  • Wart removal

If a minor surgery can’t occur in your home, we can arrange for you to attend our affiliated clinic in Torquay.

Who is In-Home Surgery for? 

Heroes Home Doctor is committed to making access to healthcare as simple as possible for everyone in our community. Do you or a family member need some minor surgery but find it hard to get to a medical clinic? Our in-home surgery service is for people just like you. We know how hard it is to juggle work, life, and family commitments to make an appointment and physically get to the doctor. But if left untreated, some conditions can worsen, leading to needing treatment in a hospital. 

Our in-home minor surgeries are ideal if:

  • Your child needs to have a procedure like a wart removed or a cut or laceration repaired
  • You need a skin biopsy but don’t have the time to sit in a waiting room
  • An elderly parent has an ingrown toenail that’s making it hard for them to walk without pain
  • You want expert medical care from doctors trained in Australia.

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Benefits of In-Home Surgery

Heroes Home Doctor established an in-home surgery service so people could avoid a hospital admission for a minor procedure. We also wanted to reduce the stress local families experienced if their children needed a minor procedure. In-home surgery is a convenient and comfortable way to get minor surgical procedures from caring and skilled GPs.

Avoid Hospital Admission

It’s fair to say that going to the hospital isn’t at the top of most people’s wish list of things to do. The Heroes Home Doctor home surgery service is a convenient way to get the minor procedure you need without stepping outside your front door. Our team of kind and caring GPs can visit you in the comfort of your home and help you with minor surgical procedures.

Easier For Children

If your child needs to be admitted to the hospital for minor surgery, it can result in physical and mental stress for the entire family. The juggling of childcare while looking after the child at a hospital is a stress you don’t need.

Our in-home surgery service is convenient and time-efficient for your child to get the expert medical care they require. From the comfort of your home, your child can get the minor medical procedure they need. Say goodbye to rushing through traffic, finding a car space, and sitting in a packed waiting room. Our in-home surgery makes it easier for your child and reduces the stress and pressure on the rest of your family.

At Home Medication 

After your in-home surgery, our GP will advise if you need any medications or follow-up care. This can be very helpful when caring for an elderly family member as the GP can check all their current medication. Our in-home medical services also include visits to change dressings and check on the recovery process. Get more information about our home doctor services here.

How do you get In-Home Surgery?

Heroes Home Doctor in-home surgery is available for everyone who lives on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. Our team of skilled and caring GPs can perform minor medical procedures in the comfort of your own home. Have you got any questions? Head to our FAQs here.

Get help with Heroes Home Doctor Today!

If you’re at home and feel unwell but can’t get to a doctor, Heroes Home Doctor can help. Our in-home GP services provide caring and highly skilled healthcare in the comfort of our home.

We can help you with in-home minor surgeries and any of the following medical services:

  • 45-49 health assessments
  • 75-year-old comprehensive management plans
  • Acute illnesses
  • Asthma plans
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Diabetes chronic disease plans
  • Family planning
  • Flu vaccinations
  • General check-ups
  • In-home surgery
  • Mental health plans
  • Pap screening
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Sexual health screening
  • Travel vaccinations

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