Hero (noun): a person admired for
achievements and noble qualities

Our smart, caring and close-knit team are committed to ensuring you get world class service without leaving home. If you want to stay healthy and happy, these are the heroes you need in your corner… and on your couch.

  • Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker

    Practice Founder and Principal GP


    After moving to Torquay from the UK, Caroline recognised a need for a GP practice that put patients first. Never one to rest on her laurels, Caroline set up Australia’s only home-visiting GP practice.

    Caroline has extensive training in all areas of medicine but it is her knack for building great relationships with her patients that truly sets her apart. Caroline considers it a privilege to be welcomed into your home, and she takes immense pride in developing treatment plans that are tailored to your environment and lifestyle.

    Caroline listens first, taking time to get to know the person behind the condition or illness before progressing to diagnosis and planning. She then partners with you to improve your health outcomes so you can live a fulfilling life free from stress, illness and worry.

    Dr Caroline is a published author of the book RAW, that she co-authored with nine other women about resilience. Dr Caroline opens up about her difficult journey through medical school as a woman, and how she came to have the passion to develop a new healthcare model to ensure patients always feel cared for, supported and never alone in their time of need. Click here to purchase.

  • Dr Natasha Nogueira

    General Practitioner


    Natasha arrived in Australia in 2015 after completing her medical training in Brazil. Since joining Heroes Home Doctor she has become extremely popular with the surf coast community, particularly our younger patients who wait excitedly at the window for Dr Tash to arrive.

    If a fluffy toy comes down with a cold, Natasha is happy to help with a diagnosis much to the delight of toddlers and their parents. Natasha also a natural at providing caring and compassionate care to adult patients including the elderly and people living with disability.

    Natasha warmth and kindness is coupled with extensive training in all areas of medicine so you can feel confident you’re getting high-quality care with kindness and heart.

  • Dr Jamie McDonald

    General Practitioner


    You know when you’re talking and you feel like someone genuinely cares about what you have to say? That’s how Jamie makes his patients and everyone around him feel. He’s warm, welcoming and always puts others first, taking the time to get to know you so he can provide the best possible care.

    Jamie moved to the Bellarine Peninsula in 2020 and we are thrilled he chose to join our team. His experience working in hospitals, the navy, aged care and leading medical clinics means you can trust him with any health concern. With Jamie, you’ll never feel rushed or judged. He’ll put you immediately at ease and co-create a thorough health plan that’s perfectly tailored to you. Jamie’s approach is all about building relationships that keep the community healthy, happy and well informed.

    A Heroes Home Doctor is someone who treats every person with kindness and respect while taking a holistic approach to GP care. Jamie ticks every box and a whole lot more.

  • Kylie Harrington

    Practice Manager

    Bach. Management

    Every GP practice should have someone as caring, meticulous and skilled as Kylie on the team. Kylie works behind the scenes to ensure patients get the best possible care. She also ensures our valued clinical team are safe and happy out on the road.

    For Kylie, good is never good enough. She is constantly looking at ways to improve the care we provide to the community. Our patients applaud her attentive service, infectious positivity and empathetic nature. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Kylie who always remains calm, thoughtful and respectful in her interactions with both patients and staff.

    We could rave about Kylie for days but in the interests of brevity we will quote Tina Turner and say, she’s simply the best.

  • Zoe Nelson

    Supervisor and Senior Receptionist

    Forget everything you know about GP receptionists because Zoe is the opposite of stressed, curt and grumpy. Instead of making you feel like a nuisance, Zoe will listen patiently and help you get prompt and professional care you need. And she does it all with a smile on her face.

    Zoe’s background is in fashion retail and we couldn’t be happier that she made the leap into the medical world. Given that her name means ‘life’ in Greek, it seems serendipitous.

    Zoe does an exceptional job of managing our reception, triaging patients and allocating consults to our clinical team. Her organisation, professionalism and sunny disposition have helped us create a positive environment that benefits both our team and our valued patients.