We are now sending secure messages about your health results. 

We have introduced a new system for follow up of results.

When the doctor receives your results they will look at them. If a non urgent appointment is required, you will get a secure sms powered by @hotdoconline exactly the same as our current recall system. ⠀

The appointment does not necessarily mean your results are abnormal, the appointment is the next step of management required to help your initial or ongoing concern. Most investigations will need a follow up appointment as the results are part of the process to determine the cause of your symptoms. ⠀⠀
If the result is urgent the receptionist will call you to arrange an urgent appointment or the doctor will call you. ⠀

If an appointment has been requested in your SMS you can then book one via the link in the text. ⠀

This system is very safe and secure. To read the text fully you have to put in identifiers so others cannot see your text and know what has been occurring. ⠀

Please make sure you have consented to SMS health messages to enable you to receive these texts. ⠀

See below for an example.

If you have any questions please ask us and also check when you next book that you have consented to SMS to allow this quick easy system to contact you.
If you haven’t consented to SMS our receptionist will call you or you will get a letter.⠀